The Best Weed Vaporizer Mouthpiece

The important thing to remember about dry herb vaporizers is that they are not all cut from the same cloth and that no one vaporizer suits all. Bearing that in mind, it is important to research and understand what features of a vaporizer are going to fit your needs and what things should you be looking out for specifically when choosing your vape.

The mouthpiece is obviously an integral component of any portable dry herb vaporizer There are many considerations. Not just how it looks or feels in your mouth – they obviously come in many shapes and sizes – but also the materials used to make it. In addition, the kind of hit you are looking for from your herb and the taste you will derive stems very much from the quality of the mouthpiece.

In all honesty, the mouthpiece can both diminish and boost your vaping experience. It is an area that certainly requires careful consideration when purchasing a portable dry herb vaporizer. Here we will look at glass mouthpieces and explore why we think they are the more popular choice.

Why Choose a Weed Vaporizer with a Glass Mouthpiece?

A glass mouthpiece is more than likely going to provide the best tasting and safest vapor from your weed vaporizer There are several scientific and technological factors to back this statement up.

Health and Safety


Glass mouthpieces are considered to be the safest of the two. The reason being that glass is inert; it will not have any chemical reaction with your vapor and therefore will not obscure or taint the flavour you expect to derive.

Glass mouthpieces ensure no particles from the material will wind up in your vapor. The glass is purely a travel path to get the vapor from the vaporizer into your lungs. Subsequently it plays no part in the reactions or production of your vapor. Therefore does not interfere with the purity of the compounds extracted from the herb.


With regards to effects on our health when vaporizing, glass also acts as a very sophisticated filter for any toxins in your vapor. By this I refer to the kind of toxins you would find in smoke.

You may ask yourself why would there be any toxins when vaporizing? The whole point is to raise the temperature sufficiently enough so as to extract all the active properties that are good for you, without reaching the point of combustion? You would indeed be right to question this.

However, the fact is that some vaporizers are able to heat your matter at temperatures where combustion will occur. It should certainly be taken into account that, if you own a portable vape that can exceed the temperature (above 230º C) of pyrolysis (spontaneous combustion) then a glass mouthpiece is essential for health purposes. Neutralizing these harmful chemicals ensures that you inhale purified vapor, even if your herb has combusted.


Finally, when it comes to the safety aspect, weed vape mouthpieces are often produced using borosilicate glass or pyrex as we commonly call it. Borosilicate glass is made up of about 15% boron trioxide, which is the ingredient that changes the behaviour of glass and makes it thermal shock resistant. This allows the glass to resist extreme changes in temperature and dictates the rate at which the glass expands when it is exposed to heat. Borosilicate is commonly associated with cooking as the glass can reach very high temperatures at quick speed and still withstand rapid cool down without cracking. This of course makes this material perfect in the use of portable weed vaporizers which work in much the same way. You can be assured that whatever temperature you charge your vaporizer up to a glass mouthpiece made from borosilicate will not
shatter from the heat or cool down process.

Flavour and Hit

Most would concur that the freshest and most flavoursome vapor is derived from a glass mouthpiece. The fact that the glass material is both odorless and tasteless means that it doesn’t conflict or distort the flavour omitted from your herb.

As mentioned before, there is no chemical reaction with glass and therefore no nasty aftertaste as a result. The flavour you get will be pure, undiluted and aromatic as you would expect.  With regards to the hit this would be more based on design than the fact the mouthpiece was glass. However, combining the two gives the perfect, harmonious relationship. So, for great taste and big hits you would be more inclined to find a vaporizer with a wider mouthpiece to allow for more vapor entering your lungs in one go. For smaller, subtler hits search for a smaller mouthpiece.

Maintaining and Portability

Cleaning your glass mouthpiece is simple. It has the benefit of showing any residue left on it for a start. This means you less likely to find yourself with a build up. The glass can be easily washed by soaking in hot water then removing any grime with a cleaning brush. Cleaning utensils are usually provided with your weed vaporizer.

Portability may well be the only downside of a glass mouthpiece. Should the vape be dropped the mouthpiece is most likely to be damaged. However, some manufacturers have found clever ways around this issue. Providing compartments within the vape casing itself to place your glass mouthpiece is true design ingenuity! Perfect for those more accident prone amongst us. This really is design at its best and shows there is a solution to every potential vaping problem.

What about Weed Vaporizers with Plastic Mouthpieces?

Whilst we’re firm favourites of glass ones, plastic mouthpieces are also considered highly for their own reasons.

The efficiency of a plastic mouthpiece is often equal to that of a glass one. You will still receive great vapor from it. However, you may find (at least on the first few uses) that your vapor is tinged with a synthetic taste. Manufacturers are getting better at using less reactive materials. However, it’s always advised to have one good burn through session when first using a new plastic mouthpiece. Consequently, you certainly
wont receive as pure and crisp a flavour as you would from your borosilicate piece.

When it comes to portable weed vaporizers with a plastic mouthpiece, their durability is far better of course. An important component of a portable vaporizer is its durability. The polycarbonate plastic manufacturers use ensures the mouthpieces can handle long-term wear and tear.
Although easy enough to clean, a plastic mouthpiece may build up a residue that you are less likely to be able to see. The piece may also collect grime in small areas you are unable to reach. This will distort the flavour and taste of your herb. However, a long soak in hot water, application of alcohol rub ensures hygiene. Additionally this maintenance of your plastic mouthpiece will help it last longer.


To experience the very best from your portable weed vaporizer consider what is important to you. If flavour and and purity are at the top of your list then glass is certainly the way to go.

Should you decide that you love your vape, yet your mouthpiece is a bit of a let down, then most are replaceable. A removable mouthpiece gives you the opportunity to try something new and truly customize your vape. Some mouthpieces also fit more than one vape sothe mouthpiece need not dictate your choice of weed vaporizer.
Always do your research before purchasing and be clear about the characteristics you desire your vaporizer and its components to have.

Customizing your vaporizer to suit yourself is the best way forward. The mouthpiece you use with your weed vaporizer will certainly heighten your enjoyment.

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