The Crafty vs Flowermate’s V5 Nano – Which Portable Vaporizer Reigns Supreme?

The Crafty vaporizer  and V5 Nano are both hugely relevant and popular weed vaporizers amongst the vaping community in 2019.

The reputable industry giants, Storz & Bickel, released the Crafty Vaporizer back in 2014 and it has more than withstood the test of time. Storz & Bickel have become renowned for building portable devices that produce outstanding vapor. In fact, vapor is their trademark feature; rarely do any other manufacturers come close in this department.

Newer to the industry, Flowermate have also earned themselves a fantastic reputation over the past few years. Not least for their extensive and diverse range of dry herb vaporizers. The Nano V5 is the latest of their V5 range and their very first hybrid convection/conduction vaporizer. This vaporizer adorns many top notch features and has become a favourite since its 2018 release.

Now is the time to pitt these two vape legends against one another in a fair fight. We have chosen a few key features closely associated with portable vaporizers. The Crafty and V5 Nano will now go head to head, in a bid to see which vape will reign supreme.

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Manufacturing Quality

Known as the world’s most technologically advanced vaporizer company, Storz & Bickel has spent the last two decades developing an automated and internationally certified factory. In 2009, they achieved International Organisation Standardization (ISO) 13485 certification. An accolade that demonstrates their commitment to the safety and quality of the medical devices they produce.

Storz & Bickel built the first factory in the world for the manufacture of medical vaporizers in a German town called Tuttlingen. The town is renowned for medical technology in fact, and its background in manufacturing has served to strengthen the reputation of Storz & Bickel even further.

Approved sign

Medical Grade

Using the latest technology and only the finest medical grade materials to build their vaporizers has earned Storz & Bickel tremendous accolade and rightly so. The manufacturing quality has placed Storz & Bickel at the top of the pecking order when it comes to distributors and they now export devices to 50 markets around the world.

Flowermate is actually produced by Smiss Vape Technology who are based in China but also distribute out of the US. This Chinese manufacturer are more of a mass production company and have over different 10 lines of vaporizer under the belt in their few short years of existence. There is less information readily available about this company, however we do know that they are not armed with the high calibre certification that comes with Storz & Bickel.

Without the ISO 13485 Flowermate by Smiss cannot assure their customers of equalling the quality of vaporizers produced by Storz & Bickel and as such refer to their vaporizers as aromatherapy devices rather than medical. From this perspective alone we award Storz & Bickel the worthy winner in this category.


The Crafty is undeniably impressive design-wise. Built using medical grade materials with an airpath that is entirely isolated from the electronics provides significant assurances to the user when it comes to health and safety.

The omittance of fragile glass and ceramics ensures this device is also able to withstand a few knocks.


In addition to this, the Crafty comes with electrical certifications from the Southern Technical Inspection Association in Munich, Germany. The thorough interrogation of this vaporizer gives complete confidence that this is a vaporizer that has been designed with safety in mind first.

The Nano retains a stylish design that we have come to associate with Flowermate. It has a modern, sharp edge and an overall sleek finish. The uniform black ceramic of the Nano is both cosmetically pleasing and practical in that it will not show stains and is very comfortable to hold. Even the inside of the oven chamber is coated in black ceramic!

As well as looking good the Nano’s design scores highly for its solid build and high grade glass mouthpiece.

There are many design elements to admire about both of these dry herb vaporizers, however, for its guaranteed safety certification, the Crafty once again pips the Nano to the post in this category.

Heating System

Both The Crafty and the Nano use a hybrid convection/conduction heating system. A hybrid system brings all of the positives of each type of heating system that there are to offer.


Whilst the Nano is the first device in the Flowermate range to offer a hybrid system, Storz & Bickel were one of the first to pioneer the system and have perfected the technology ever since.

This is actually very apparent through usage too. The Crafty’s two separate systems are extremely well designed. As a result the vape produces extremely efficient heat and accurate temperatures. When using this vaporizer it is clear that the first few hits are coming from convection heat and that the conduction heat then builds up and sustains a consistent, flavoursome vapor.

Crafty oven vs Nano Oven

Heat Sink

In contrast, the Nano uses more simplistic design with the addition of a spiral heat sink situated below the heater. This relies upon catching radiant heat from the conduction system. The idea is that the sink will collect the hot air and convection heating of the herb can take place. However, this is not truly efficient or reliable. If not enough hot air is collected the temperature simply drops back down mid session.

With this considered, it is more effective for the user to treat the Nano as a purely conduction vaporizer. Albeit a high quality one. Vaping at higher temperature settings, taking slow sips and short puffs will still produce immensely satisfying results. The Crafty still clinches this title however, for a faultless and extremely efficient hybrid system.

crafty vs Nano Vapor Quality

This is an extremely tough category for the Nano to compete against the Crafty in. On its own, the quality of vapor produced by the V5 is certainly above average and gets no complaints. The clouds are definitely there and the vapor is full of terpenes and flavoursome.

Vapor quality


However, Storz & Bickel really do have vapor quality in the bag. In our opinion there is not one handheld vape on the market that can beat either the Crafty or the Mighty for vapor quality, flavour and consistency.

The thick, tasty and potent vapor that oozes out of the Crafty vaporizer is perfected furthermore by the fantastic cooling unit. This creates a smooth, clean vapor that is second to none.

Add to that the open airflow system allowing for easy, satisfying draws and the user is truly is in vapor heaven. Another point etched up for the Crafty.


The battery is where the Nano definitely comes into its own and steals a point from the Crafty.


The removable battery feature is always such a massive bonus for any vaping enthusiast. Firstly, it adds longer life to the entire unit; no need to dispose of the vaporizer just because the battery dies. Secondly, it allows the user to carry spares. Running out of juice mid session or when out is athing of the past with the V5.

The Nano comes with a 2,500 mAh battery which allows roughly 40-50 minutes of continuous vaping and anywhere between 7-10 refills before running out of power. For session vapers this really is a huge selling point. The powerful battery also means that the heat up time is super fast, reaching 230ºC in under 40 seconds!

Even though Storz & Bickel have recently updated the Crafty battery by 20%, it is still relatively weak in comparison to the Nano. A fully charged battery provides around 30 minutes of continual vaping and 6 bowls maximum.


The comparatively weak battery in the Crafty means heat up time is slow. It takes a whole 2-3 minutes to reach maximum temperatures in fact!

The Crafty comes with a passthrough charging system. This is handy as it allows you to use the vaporizer whilst on charge. There is absolutely no denying though, the V5 Nano is the undisputed heavy-weight in the battery category.

Temperature Range & Control

Both vaporizers have precise temperature control as a feature, however the way in which the user operates them differs.

The Crafty comes out of the box preset at 190ºC, with a boost setting at 195ºC. If these temperatures do not suit the user however, the unit comes with a smartphone app. Downloading the app allows the user every bit as much control of their vaporizer as one with manual controls on the device. Customizing temperature and boost settings couldn’t be easier and the Crafty then remembers those settings for your next session.

Temperature comparison

The V5 Nano features a traditional manual display where the user can move the temperature up or down in increments of 1 degree. The user can also choose to set temperatures in either celsius or fahrenheit and features a range of between 40ºC-230ºC.

For temperature range and control we award a tie as both the Crafty and the V5 Nano score highly here.

Ease of Use

Flowermate’s V5 Nano slightly edges this one, just because, for some the inclusion of a smartphone app may be out of their comfort zone. For standard , simple controls that are intuitive and straightforward, the Nano comes out on top. That being said, aside from the app, the Crafty is still very user friendly. Powering on/off and filling the bowl are both self-explanatory. Someone new to smartphone apps would soon get the hang of it. Inputting the relevant information is straight forward. Once set at the desired temperatures the vaporizer can be used with minimal fuss.

Final Thoughts

The Crafty has set a high standard for all portable dry herb vaporizers to follow and whilst the Nano gives it a very good run for its money it cannot quite catch up.

Having said that, Flowermate have given us a modern, high performance vape in the V5 with great build, removable batteries and a definite upgrade on its Flowermate predecessors.

It is also worth noting, that the price margin between the two is significant. The V5 sells for just £99 which is almost half of the Crafty’s £181 price tag. (Both vaporizers come with a further 10% discount and free shipping.)

The true portability of both vaporizers is on point. They certainly slip with ease into a pocket or pouch and can be easily charged via USB connection. Discretion-wise, we’d give it to the Nano. The Crafty, although much smaller than the Mighty, still retains a more cumbersome, Black and Decker tool appearance.

Final thoughts

Finally, even with its incredibly slow heat up time and shorter battery life it is hard to find real fault with the Storz & Bickel Crafty. The majestic build and vapor takes it to levels no other weed vaporizer can reach. For that reason it will continue to be an all round favourite for some time to come.

The following infographic highlights the differences between these two popular vaporizers – “Crafty” and “V5 Nano” in a more interesting visualistic way:

Infographic Image to Highlight the Differences Between Crafty Vaporizer and Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

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