The Mighty vs Crafty by Storz & Bickel – Which Weed Vaporizer Best Suits You?

If you’re in the market for a premium herb vaporizer then there are a handful of models that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Mighty and Crafty by Storz & Bickel encompass this stature and the likelihood is that they have both made it to your short list.

Well respected and renowned for quality, Storz & Bickel have produced two exceptional vaporizers in the Mighty and Crafty, each worthy of attention.

Rather like siblings in their appearance and performance there is not much that separates the two. Consequently the problem herein is, which to choose?

Join us as we zoom in and take a closer look at both devices in a bid to discover, Mighty vs Crafty, which indeed is the best?

Mighty vs Crafty – Vapor quality

When it comes to premium vapor, Storz & Bickel vaporizers really do pave the way. Arguably providing the best vapor quality on the market, their reputation precedes them within the vaping community.

The trademark vapor quality that we refer to is unfaltering with both the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers. Forward convection and efficient cooling systems join forces to produce clean, pure, flavoursome vapor that is consistent with every puff.

The hybrid convection/conduction heating system brings the best of both worlds to the Mighty and the Crafty. Hybrid systems provide the efficiency of a true convection vaporizer alongside the strength of vapor associated with conduction heating systems. As well as this, the conduction element allows for quicker heat up times than true convection vaporizers whilst the convection system rules out combustion that remains a risk with true conduction vaporizers.

Both Mighty and Crafty have very effective cooling systems. This serves to both heighten the potency of the terpenes and make the vaping experience more pleasurable. The design of both cooling systems scores highly, particularly in comparison to other brands. However, we do think the Mighty slightly edges this feature, purely down to its larger size and capacity which allows for more cool air to pass through. On a purely like for like basis they are equally matched.

As a result, the vapor emitted from the Mighty and Crafty is top notch. It is tasty, efficient, consistent and extremely satisfying and we really cannot separate the two at this juncture.

Mighty vs Crafty – Size

The size difference between the Mighty and the Crafty is the most apparent feature.

The Mighty is certainly the big brother and measures in at 5.5” in height, 3.2” in width and 1.2” in depth. It weighs 230 grams.

In comparison the Crafty weighs in at 134 grams, is 4.4” tall, 2.3” wide and 1.3” deep.

Mighty vs Crafty – Portability

Another major contrast between the two vaporizers is the pocket-ability factor. If this is of significant importance to you it could indeed be the deciding factor.

As we have just mentioned, the Mighty vaporizer is a much meatier device and unlikely to fit in a pocket. You can also expect the sizeable Mighty to draw some attention if you pull it out of your bag in public spaces.

The Crafty vaporizer however, easily fits into a small pocket or sneaks inside the palm of your hand while out. The Crafty certainly scores higher for discretion and ease of portability.

Mighty vs Crafty – Battery Life

Whilst the size of the Mighty is its downfall when it comes to portability it is certainly an asset when it comes to the battery.

A larger vaporizer equals more battery capacity and the Mighty overshadows the Crafty with a battery that delivers almost twice as much vaping time!

The Mighty has recently seen a further improved battery life and now lasts an average of 90 minutes, achieving around 8-10 sessions. You can expect half of this time from the Crafty.

Perhaps for some, the downside of the Mighty’s larger battery means that it requires a wall plug to recharge. Using a 110 volt DC plug you will have to ensure you carry the power cord around if out and about.

The Crafty charges through USB which convenience-wise is handy and means you can carry a battery pack to rejuice if on your travels. This goes some way to compensating the not so great battery life.

Both devices feature the pass through charging option which conveniently means you can still vape whilst charging.

Mighty vs Crafty – Heat Up Time

The heat up time is neither vaporizer’s strongest point and they do fall behind the competition in this aspect.

The Mighty heats up a fair amount quicker than the Crafty, taking just under two minutes for it to reach 200ºC/390ºF in comparison to over three minutes for the Crafty.

Both of these times fall significantly short when you consider other high grade weed vaporizers boast 30-60 second heat up times. If quick hits are your thing then you may feel slightly frustrated by these vaporizers.

Fact of the matter is, this is a feature that Storz & Bickel will not compromise on. In order to achieve the super fast heat up times means reducing the size of the heat exchangers. It is the magnitude of the heat exchangers that holds the heat so well, a fundamental element in providing the sublime vapor that we mentioned previously.

So, from our point of view, the comparative delay in the heat up is well worth it, to end up with the quality of vapor that you get.

Mighty vs Crafty – Digital and App Control

These two vaporizers differ hugely with regards to temperature and settings control.

Both units are fitted with full digital temperature controls. This includes boost mode, haptic feedback and auto-shutoff timer. However, the way in which you control these features is very different.

You will see immediately that the Mighty comes with an intuitive LCD display. This feature is not included with the Crafty.

Using the control buttons on the Mighty, enables you to set precise temperatures. Additionally, you can choose between celsius and fahrenheit, as well as adjust the timers.

In contrast, the Crafty comes with a preset temperature and boost mode. The boost pushes the temperature up higher to finish off the oven.

For precise control of the Crafty you will need to install the smartphone app which will allow for higher temperatures and far better customizability.

Whichever option you prefer could be a deciding factor, the two vaporizers offer the same degree of versatility yet differ in how you achieve it.

In Conclusion

The Mighty and Crafty dry herb vaporizers have much to offer in their own right. The truth is you cannot go wrong with a Storz & Bickel vaporizer, it just depends on which aspects are best suited to your needs and purpose.

These vaporizers both bring something different, whilst retaining the top quality and efficiency the vaping world has come to expect from Storz & Bickel products.

One is far better suited as an on-the-go device, whilst the other shines bright when it comes to session vaping. It’s a simple decision if either of these aspects are a deciding factor for you.

In all honesty, we’d highly recommend both. If your budget can stretch that far grab one of each and cover all basis!

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