The Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer Review


The Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer Review.  The Nova dry herb Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer manufactured by Atman but rebranded by Nereus. Atman are a very respectable manufacturer and are known for producing high quality vaporizers and have been established since 2009. The Nova fIts very much in the affordable bracket and still carries the premium look and feel of a vaporizer that could easily cost a lot more.  It’s not as known in the UK as other affordable models such as the Black Mamba or the Black Widow, however its rapidly becoming considered as a premium quality vaporizer at a great price within the vaping community.

Currently as it’s not as well established as some of the other models the Nereus Nova dry herb vaporizer  is what what we would call a hidden gem and those lucky enough to discover it wont be disappointed.

I was very excited when my doorbell rang and the postman greeted me with my new vape!  My expectations were high but the question was ‘would I feel let down ?’

First Impression

So as high as my expectations were, admittedly I did have a little doubt because I thought if it was really good then surely it would be known by now? However my confidence remained in tact as I’m well aware that Atman consistently produce great vapes and I assumed this will be no exception.

Scanning the box I noted that Nereus had given it the premium build which certainly lived up to its reputation. Unboxing it for the first time, out came a very sharp looking, slimline, black vaporizer in anodized casing. Looking at the Nova and its considered designed I thought, this is definitely a vaporizer that I could take anywhere as it fit nicely into my hand and could easily tuck away into any pocket.  The power button and temperature controls are deep red and there is a small Nova logo printed in white.

The Nova runs deep with originality as the LCD screen is located out the way at the bottom, which I thought was smart at it only adds to the discreetness of the device. The glass mouthpiece is detachable and revealed a deep ceramic chamber which I was eager to test out.

The Nova scored highly with first impressions, shouting quality from top to bottom. It’s labeled a premium vaporizer and was clear to see why.

Nereus Nova Dry Herb Vaporizer


Aesthetics are one thing but performance, in my opinion is the area that needs to score highly and not every affordable vaporizer is successful in this department. The Nereus Nova offers precise temperature settings in which you can choose to set in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

You will find that most budget models have a few preset temperature settings which is acceptable for most vapers.  However herbs react differently to various temperature settings, so having the precise option is a huge plus and, again, is associated with dry herb vaporizers costing much more. Coming complete with a haptic vibration feature that gives you the heads up once the vape has reached your chosen temperature comes in handy when you’re thinking of the usability side of the Nereus Nova.

The ceramic  oven is equipped with non-burning technology and the heat up time is very quick. When the vibration feature gives you the heads up that it’s ready you get the feeling that this vape is punching above its price tag functionality wise.

Using the vape, I found that it produces thick, powerful vapor clouds. The mouthpiece is heat resistant and we received nice, cool vapor clouds that certainly had the kick, unlike some vaporizers in this price range. This makes the Nereus Nova one of those vapes that will satisfy you if you’re a newbie or an experienced user looking for a change.

Not only was the vapor produced of good quality, the taste of the herbs was sweet without any strange after taste that some cheaper herbs produce.  This is due to the mouthpiece being inert because it is glass; no chemical reaction occurs between the vapor and the . mouthpiece. Vaping at different temperatures also provided a nice variation in flavour. It was clear to me that the precise temperature function works well.

The Nereus Nova is very easy to use with the power button being multifunctional.  Charging time is just under two hours and will give you about an hours usage.

The performance side of this vaporizer scores super high as it’s very powerful for a portable vaporizer, but using different temperatures puts the user in complete control, providing the option of a subtle vape.

What’s in the Box

  • Nova vaporizer
  • Heat resistant glass mouthpiece
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Poika Dot cleaning tool
  • User Manual

Final thoughts on the Nereus Nova Vaporizer

In my opinion, this dry herb vaporizer is a star in the making. Certainly up there with the best of them in terms of portable herbal vaporizers. Having the LCD screen on the bottom of the vaporizer is original and it works and presents the vaporizer as any regular vaporizer to the naked eye. This style may not be for everyone but for me it presented no problems.

The only thing that I suggest could be improved is a compartment for the mouthpiece when travelling with your vaporizer.  It is removable but having somewhere safe to keep it with the vaporizer itself would be ideal. In saying that, these kind of design elements are reflective of an under £50 price tag and certainly by no means a deal breaker!

In respect to performance, this is where the Nova shines bright.  The added features such as the precise temperature control, vibration feature means it’s a bargain for the price.  However what is key to this device is that the vapor it produces is amongst the best I have seen in an affordable portable vaporizer. It’s no wonder that those who own a Nova dry herb vaporizer are happy vapers!

If you’re on a budget, or simply not want to spend a fortune on a premium vaporizer, this model is the way to go. The Nova dry herb vaporizer will appeal to all vapers at all levels.

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