The Nereus Nova dry herb vaporizer

What makes a great vape

It is true to say that there is an abundance of fantastic vaporizers on the market right now.  Whether you’re seeking something that exudes great taste and flavour; produces impressive clouds; bears a unique design; or is high functioning, yet affordable – there literally is something for everyone.

Old Favourites

Many dry herb vaporizers that have been around for years are still regarded as strong favourites. Vaporizers such as the Black Mamba and the Black Widow remain hugely popular amongst the vaping community. Both are flawlessly designed and are renowned for their reliability and consistent, solid performance. These portable vaporizers are more than surviving the test of time. With the added bonus of a very affordable price tag these reputable vapes appeal to both people new to the world of vaping and those who like to stick with what they know works best.


Then there are the current, most innovative models with all the high specifications and latest technology that many tech savvy vapers desire. Manufacturers and designers are always looking how to tweak and construct vapes in a bid to maximise performance for their customers. Vaporizers such as these often come with a higher end price tag attached.
Finding one that does all of the above but retains affordability is not an easy task.

Every so often though, a less obvious model comes along that catches our eye for all the right reasons. Ticking all the right boxes it stands out amongst the crowd and deserves to be congratulated. On this occasion it is the turn of the noteworthy Nereus Nova.

Discovering the Nereus Nova

The Nova dry herb vaporizer already massively popular in Europe, is still somewhat of a hiddengem in the UK. Until recently we hadn’t even heard of it ourselves. The Nova has no real presence on any UK review sites or in UK stores and it was purely by chance that we happened across this formidable vaporizer.

However, the Nereus Nova is also known as the Atman Starlight V2. The fact that it is manufactured by Atman gives this vaporizer credibility that it was shy of at first glance. Atman, established since 2009, are an innovative and highly respected manufacturer. They are renowned for paying careful attention to the market when it comes to design and technology. As a result, they produce original, high quality vaporizers using the latest advancements. Atman’s portable vaporizers are always of a premium build and high performance.  Included in their portfolio are the Pretty Plus dry herb pen, the Starlight and the Atman Nereus E-water vaporizer. The Nereus Nova, or Starlight V2 is no exception to this rule and offers its own originality to the vaping community.

What’s in the box?

Nereus Nova Portable Vaporizer
Extra Glass Mouthpiece
Packing Tool
Cleaning Brush
USB Charger
User Manual

How does it look?

The Nova vaporizer prevails a simplistic, yet stylish appearance. It’s not about to win any awards for its cutting edge design but that’s clearly not what was intended with this model. Aesthetically, it strikes me as a no frills vaporizer whilst still retaining a sleek, smooth style. The body of the vape is anodized and finished with a classic matt black.  The Nova’s fire up and temperature control buttons are a deep red
and the Nereus emblem is emblazoned in white type on the spine of the vape. The glass mouthpiece, of which a spare is supplied, is the perfect size. As a unit, the Nova truly looks in proportion, neither too bulky or flimsy.


A great feature of this compact vaporizer is its discretion. If you require a vaporizer that doesn’t draw much attention then the Nova is perfect. It will fit easily into your bag or jacket pocket and it’s appearance is subtle and understated.

How does it feel?

Frankly we loved how it felt! The Nova is weighty enough and not so slight that you’re not afraid it will slip out of your hand at any given second but not so dense that it feels clumsy or awkward. The contoured body means it fits neatly between your palm and fingers and the flat edges allow a secure grip in both smaller and larger hands alike. It feels like a solid build and immediately you have confidence in this vaporizer. You kind of feel like you know it’s going to perform well, just by the casing and the way it feels.

Packing your herb

Ceramic Chamber

The Nova has a pure ceramic chamber. Ceramics withstand extremely high temperatures (around 1,800-3,000 degrees fahrenheit or 1,000 -1,600 degrees celsius). Ceramic is the perfect material for dry herb vaporizers as most people tend to vape their herb at fairly high temperatures; around 315-430 degrees fahrenheit or 160-220 degrees celsius depending upon
the effect they wish to gain. With a ceramic chamber you eradicate the metallic taste or smell.  The chamber can fit up to 0.5g of herb which is ample for a single session.  To pack the herb is simple, simply unscrew the mouthpiece and place the herb directly into the chamber. Use the packing tool provided to condense your herb into the chamber. Pack enough
in without forcing it in too tightly to allow for adequate airflow.


The Nova uses conduction method so the heat comes into direct contact with the herb but distributes the heat evenly without burning it. This rules out combustion and the emittance of
any of the nasty toxins that go along with burning matter.

nova dry herb vaporizer

Setting your temperature

The temperature setting couldn’t be simpler. Once the vaporizer is on the led screen at the base of the vape comes to life and shows the last temperature you set it to. Pressing the fire up button 3 times in quick succession allows you to set the temperature you would like and in which format, either degrees fahrenheit or celsius. Pressing the plus and minus buttons either side of the led screen lets you scroll up and down the degree settings one degree at a time or by holding down it rises and falls in quick succession.

Haptic feedback

Once you reach your desired temperature you depress the fire up button for a couple of
seconds and the vape vibrates to let you know it is now heating up to that temperature. This cool vibrating feature then lets you know when your vape has reached its set temperature – the green LED on the fire up button lights up and the device will vibrate twice to indicate the herb is ready to be vaped. It takes just a few seconds to heat.

Energy saving technology

Another great feature is that the vape automatically goes into standby mode if it senses the vaporizer is not in use, therefore not wasting your herb and allowing you to return to your session in your own time. It of course also saves on battery life. Holding the fire up button in for 3 seconds makes the vaporizer start the heat up process once again and it vibrates once to let
you know when it’s ready again. Holding the fire button for 3 seconds also stops the heating process and you are then able to
turn the vape off by pressing the fire up button 5 times.

Nova Dry herb vaporizer


The Nova comprises of a powerful 2200mAh Battery. The large battery capacity enables a remarkably quick 10 second heat up time and you can expect to get several sessions from a single charge.


The Nova provides a great vaping experience, one that exceeded expectations in fact. The flavour derived from the glass mouthpiece is sweet and smoothe and the hit packed a punch. Even at high temperatures this vape produced a small cloud, a feature that many of its counterparts are at the very least inadequate in.


The Nereus Nova is with no doubt high up on the list of high performing, affordable vaporizers. If you’re in the market for something new, or a beginner, we strongly urge you give it a try, you will not be left disappointed.

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