UK already world experts in cannabis industry?

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Whilst cannabis supporters continue with a very real struggle in campaigning for more access to this medicinal herb, it is a little known fact among the general population that the cannabis industry is already a flourishing commodity in the UK.

Whilst well aware that cannabis remains a strictly prohibited class B substance in the UK (with possession punishable by 5 years in prison), many people in the UK would have no idea that the cannabis plant is cropping up in its hectares across rural Britain, to be sold to a billion dollar industry in the U.S.

Would it surprise you to hear that today, in Britain, there is in existence a thriving legal cannabis industry licensed by the Home Office? This industry supplies huge pharmaceuticals in the U.S. and makes hundreds of millions in revenue each year that the UK Government takes a cut of.

As the provision of medical marijuana has grown in the US this industry in the UK has grown alongside with it, keeping up with demand and prospering financially. UK cannabis production companies are so financially successful in fact that they have quickly become members of the FTSE 100 with shares rising all the time.

So the British government saw it fit to supply cannabis and make masses amount of money in doing so yet still for many years, refused to change the law in the UK to enable patients the same kind of treatments?

This blatant contradiction has incensed and confused medical cannabis supporters in the UK for many years. Whilst their US counterparts were receiving life changing treatments derived from cannabis harvested here in the UK, the Home Office were telling patients that marijuana had no medical value whatsoever and refused to lift the ban.

Finally in November 2018 the NHS was granted the right to prescribe cannabis-based medicines, however charities connected with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and cancer still argue that it is extremely difficult to get this treatment approved for the majority of patients and only very small percentage are receiving the benefits of prescribed medical marijuana in the UK.

With the emergence of subsidiary lifestyle products derived from the cannabis plant such as CBD already thriving in the US, it is predicted that the cannabis industry in the UK is set to boom. Investors are already lining up to ensure they do not miss out.

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