What to consider when buying a dry herb vaporizer

2019 is here and the demand for vaporizers in general  is increasing globally. With the exposure cannabis is getting from CBD in the UK and it being legalised in Canada more and more people are turning going down the dry herb vaporizer route rather than smoking. Even people vaping CBD are turning to the real thing as nothing will provide you with the health properties like the raw plant itself.  As a result herbal vaporizers are on the rise

Looking around you may notice that so many devices carry the name dry herb vaporizer and it maybe a little confusing choosing a model that’s right for you.

Here are few things that you should consider :

How much do you want to spend ?

Vaporizers come will all different price tags and you have to first give yourself a budget  What you have to realise is a vaporizer is made up of a few parts but the functionality and quality of materials used to build vaporizers can vary hence why you can spend anything from £40-£500

An oven – with temperature controls.

Desktop or Portable?

Dry herb vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes for many different reasons. A few things you need to consider when purchasing a Vaporizer for herbs are :

Will you be vaping yourself of having group sessions
How discrete do you need to be
Do you need to vape on the go

If portability is your thing around your home or when out and about then a desktop is not for you.  However if you prefer the old school group sessions or have your one and only position to have your session then maybe a Desktop Vaporizer is for you.

Again both have their advantages and disadvantages what I will say though is if you’re new to dry herb vaping better of starting out with a decent affordable potable model.

Is it just dry herbs that you will vape ?

Nowadays you have vaporizers that were designed with dry herb in mind but will allow you to vape concentrates too.  Take a look at the Swiss Flowermate Aura for example. This is a dry herb vaporizer but many of our customers use to it to vape concentrates  too as it comes with bullet pods for herbs and liquids. These are typically called your two or three in one models. If you’re new to vaping I suggest you think about the substances that will go into your vapes. For example CBD E-Liquid is fairly popular with our herbal vaping customers and many have thanked us for recommending a vape that allows that as well as herbs.  The term (future proof) comes to mind.

What type of heating oven do you require conduction or convection

Most decent dry herb vaporizers will have a ceramic chamber which is a style of oven that will heat up your herb evenly but not to the point on combustion (Burning).

How ever you might want to take i consideration the type of heating the vaporizer offers. With herbal vaporizers you have two types for you to choose from.

Conduction style Heating

Conduction heating is the traditional  style type of heating in regards to dry herb vaping it resembles a pot on an open flame scenario.  The herbs go directly into the heating chamber or just above it. Conduction oven is where a substance sits in the heat until it reaches the temperature of the heat around, I have heard the name conduction associated with the words “motionless heat”  So once your herbs release vapor its inhaled via your vaporizer.

The Nereus Nova Dry herb vaporizer offers conduction style heating and is a model that is thought of highly in the vaping community.

Nereus nova dry herb vaporizer

Conduction style heating is popular because they are quick with heating times and extracting the vapor can be conducted in a fast or slow manner.  With the conduction vaporizers your more likely to get the big clouds!

A small downside to conduction heating is that even though a ceramic chamber plays a big part in preventing combustion, with conduction style of heating depending the quality of the over itself there is a small chance of combustion.  This is very unlikely but it’s worth noting that it’s possible.

Take a look at ever so popular Nereus Nova dry herb vaporizer.  It offers conduction stye heating and is one of the best selling vaporizers in Europe.

Convection style heating

At one stage convection style heating was not associated with the affordable models now thats not the case, you can find convection style heating in many affordable models.

The Flowermate Uno is an excellent example of an affordable dry herb vaporizer offering convection style heating.

Flowermate Uno Convection Vaporizer


Don’t follow the hype though as convection does not mean its better by any means.  It’s just a different type of system slightly more technical and has its upsides and downsides like conduction.

Unlike conduction style heating Convection requires the movement of heat to facilitate the experience so the herbs are not in direct contact with the heat but placed either in casing or beside the oven .  So as you vape the heat is shifted over the herbs like a fan and more vapor is produced. It’s a like if you have a fire then fan over the fire releasing more oxygen which feeds the flame. In layman’s terms it works the same way.

A big plus for the convection style of heating  is that your herbs can go further as the herbs are not in the constant heat  as it would be under the conduction style oven. Your herbs reach optimum temperatures as you vape in a convection oven and its been reported that the taste of the vapour is improved but I think it’s down to opinion.

Downside is that you will get lesser thick clouds with convection and the manner in which you vape has to be much more slower and steady.  This can take a bit of practice to perfect.

Where should you purchase a dry herb Vaporizer ?

We have seen a quite a a few non authentic model dry herb vaporizers of some of the more popular models.  We recommend that you buy your device from a vaporizer store as a store has a reputation to uphold and more likely to deal with official suppliers.  Purchasing from these mass selling platforms where you find pop up overnight stores is how your mostly likely to end up with a fake product.


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