Will The Black Market Always Have The Monopoly Over Legal Weed?


It’s a fair question and only time will tell but can hemp-derived weed ever really compete with the skunk being traded on the black market?
Despite the recent legalisation of cannabis in Canada and in some states of the US the illegal black market still thrives and preferred by many. This doesn’t look set to change any time soon.

The change in law surrounding marijuana was born primarily out of governments desire to eradicate the illegal sales of cannabis (and all the revenue going to the suppliers and dealers) and make money for themselves and the economy through taxes.
However, with underground sales seeming to be unhampered it is clear that the black market does not intend to give up their share of the pie!

The legal sale of marijuana in the States and Canada requires a license.and it is illegal to sell without one. However, there are many shops that have decided to sell cannabis in their shop without a license; those who do not want to go through the rigmarole or expense of applying for these licenses. It demands rigorous checks regarding regulations and product testing and consequently handing over a big chunk of profit to the state!
This is now known as the grey market and is probably a bigger issue for the legitimate, law abiding wholesaler of weed who have to follow a strict price structure dictated by the powers that be.
The grey market simply undercuts these companies and because they are positioned on the street right alongside their legal counterparts, it is not clear to the customer that one operation differs from the other.

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