World Health Organisation set to downgrade cannabis law

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With an abundance of growing evidence highlighting the health benefits of medical marijuana, it has been reported this week that the World Health Organisation are now proposing to downgrade cannabis under international law for the first time.

The WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) met last November to carry out the first full review of cannabis and cannabis-related products since 1961 when it was first listed under the International Drug Control Conventions. Currently classified alongside heroin as the most strictly controlled category the WHO are now proposing to re-define cannabis, and other cannabis-related products as a schedule I classification.
Furthermore, they are putting forward a motion to remove all non-THC cannabis products, such as CBD oil, from international drug controls completely.
It would seem that the World Health Organisation agree this review is now more than necessary as we find ourselves in a time where scientific research into the positive health benefits of this plant have become available and well documented. Cannabis, once demonized in many parts of the world, is now a hot topic of discussion for good reason. In-depth research is ongoing and its medical use has become legalized in at least 30 countries over the world based on findings and endless anecdotal evidence. Reflected vividly by the surging popularity of weed vaporizers the Flowermate Aura Vaporizer for example – hugely popular in California where cannabis was made legal for recreational use in 2016 the UK are now following suit.

“These recommendations are of monumental importance as they may lead to the overcoming of barriers to research, enhance access of patients to cannabis-based medicine, and allow free commerce of cannabis products internationally,” Ethan Russo of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute told Newsweek

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